Experience the day in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia.

Ptuj - a masonry chronicle at the crossroads of the roads that connected sunny Italy with the expanses of the Pannonian Plain and the Alpine Valley with the expanses of the Balkans - begins its first chapter in antiquity of the Late Stone Age. Already at the time of the formation of the muja, due to its important location, it was determined that it was repeatedly involved in historical events of European importance. This destiny has endowed Ptuj, otherwise our most picturesque continental city, with the richest heritage of the past. A route with a local guide will take you from the Minorite monastery across the old town, to the Dominican monastery. During the walk you will be able to enjoy the spirit of the old town, visit the Minorite monastery, the church of Sv. Peter and Paul, Mary's Pillar in front of the monastery, City Hall or Magistrate, Florian's Monument, Orpheus Monument, City Tower, Church of St. George, and at the end the path will lead you along the oldest street in the city to the castle hill. You can order guidance from us, in TIC Ptuj  https://www.visitptuj.eu/ or go on an exploratory walk on your own.

Ptuj city

On the last slope of Slovenske gorice, which stretches almost to the Drava, stands a mighty fortress - Ptuj Castle. It houses a museum with rich collections, which for many years are the most visited museum collection in Slovenia. Within the castle walls you will be able to see: a collection of weapons, a collection of musical instruments, a collection of feudal housing culture, a collection of turkiers in the slaxmost hall, a castle chapel, a gallery of Gothic and Baroque works of art, a collection of carnival masks, a collection of paintings on glass, a collection of Marko Sluga. collector of antiques and works of art) and the graphic cabinet of France Mihelič.


Castle trenches

Wine tasting in the dark brings wine closer to us differently than we are used to. The perfect theme helps you not only taste the wine, but also feel it.
Only with the help of your taste buds do you capture the flavors and depths of wine that you might not otherwise feel.
At the same time, you also capture the story and flavors of the wine of the oldest city.

https://tura-ptuj.si/krea- tura/vinska-degustacija-v-temi/

Ptuj wine cellar

The oldest town in Slovenia has always been famous for its historically conditioned and excellent variety of cuisine and especially for its excellent wines. The city has a seven-century tradition of producing and nurturing wines in its cellars, where they keep the oldest wine in Slovenia, the golden vine, year 1917. They are proud to show visitors the richness of the cellar. The first part of the tour takes place in the wine cellar, where we walk past huge barrels and see dusty bottles of wine in the wine archive, The second part of the tour takes place in the tasting room. With an extensive explanation, you try different wines, watch a short film and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.


In addition to visiting the old town and its treasures, Ptuj and its surroundings also offer a number of other possibilities.

In the immediate vicinity of the town stretches Lake Ptuj, where it is possible to rent boats and enjoy all possible activities on the water (except swimming). It is wonderful to walk along the lake or ride a bike. There are also many opportunities for outdoor recreation, cycling and hiking in the area.

For those who want to swim, we recommend Terme Ptuj, where everyone, even the most demanding guest, can find something for themselves. They also offer a lot of fun to children. In addition to bathing, they prepare a great lunch and pamper you in every way.

Ptuj is viewed from a distance by the Basilica of the Virgin Mary with the mantle on Ptujska gora, which is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in the area. It is possible to view with an explanation of the Minorites (02/794 42 31).

If you drive a little out of town, you will come across many remnants of the past such as: the baroque mansion in Dornava, Borl Castle, Velika Nedelja Castle, the Pannonian house in Gorišnica

Slovenjegoriška mountain trail

The Slovenjegoriška mountain trail is 93 kilometers long and runs through Srednje Slovenske gorice and part of Ptujsko and Dravsko polje. It starts in the oldest Slovenian town Ptuj and runs across Vurberk, through Trnovska vas, Vitomarce, Juršince, Polenšak, Prerad, Gorišnica and Markovce back to Ptuj. There are 12 checkpoints along the way with stamps to be stamped in a log. There is also a special leaflet and guide with a description of the route and the sights of the places along the route.


Green Lake (15 min by car)

Sports and recreation center Zeleno jezero - Green Lake, the only such center in Slovenia, as in one place there is a variety of sports and cultural events for different age and interest groups. Everyday sports events on the water, by the water and entertainment and cultural events will enable quality leisure time and provide relaxation and entertainment in unspoiled nature to all residents of the Podravje region and visitors from all over Slovenia and abroad.


Adventure park (15 mn. By car)

Under the castle canopy, unforgettable climbing awaits you on three routes of different levels of difficulty. The youngest ones are also catered for, who can try their hand at various activities, such as rope walking.


Bio thermal baths (30 min by car)

For relaxation and recreation, our guests have at their disposal 1,400 m2 of outdoor water surfaces in five pools with water temperatures between 30 ° C and 34 ° C. You can enjoy the joys of the fast-flowing river, swimming and multi-purpose pools, massage pools, relaxation pools, a cozy cove and a children’s pool.

On the sun terraces, green lawns and in the pleasant cool shade of the trees you will find a moment to rest and connect with yourself.

Haloze hiking trails (nearest exit point 20 min by car)

The land of thousands of hills rises above the Drava plain, from which it is separated by the river Dravinja. The beauty of the hilly landscape is emphasized by forested hills and picturesque vineyards. The rich cultural and historical heritage found below the slopes is represented by the Štatenberg mansion, the Basilica of the Virgin Mary, Borl Castle, nearby Ptuj on one side and Rogatec on the other side of Haloz.


Jerusalem (40 min by car), Ormož and Središče ob Dravi

Experience nature with the chirping of birds, playful voices along the Drava River and the song of rattles in the vineyards, get to know a unique part of Slovenia, where tradition, culture, history, excellent cuisine, wines for all tastes, crops, handicrafts and unforgettable experiences intertwine. Let us also be impressed by our temperament, which has developed through a turbulent history and long centuries, when various influences smelling and mixing in our places, smelling of east, west, north and south. Welcome - when you visit us, you will feel that time flows differently with us…