Rooms for rent PANORAMA - Metka Gutschi

Almost in the middle of the city, and at the same time in the middle of a completely natural environment, is the home of the Gutschi-Krapša family. The advantages of the ideal location, the top of the last slope of Slovenske gorice, have been appreciated in the past, as evidenced by the rich Roman sites nearby - spring view of meadows of flowering trumpets singing cuckoo in a nearby grove, summer vacation in the cool shade of rich greenery, autumn sweet fruits from orchards and vines, and in winter, when the leaves fall off, with a breathtaking view of all four sides of the sky - towards Pohorje, along the Drava plain to Boč, Donačka gora, to Haloze to Borl, along Ptujsko polje - through the lucaria to the soft hills of Slovenske gorice and even to Ormož, and to the nearby Mestni vrh, richly planted with vineyards. In the middle of this, Ptuj - the treasury of millennia and Ptuj Castle - greets visitors from sunrise to sunset…

It is therefore not surprising that a popular wine shop operated in this place more than a century ago, and today the rich tradition of good care for guests is continued by Mrs. Metka and her family. It offers you comfortably furnished rooms, delicious breakfasts, and most importantly - plenty of attention and effort for your well-being. If you are interested in how to spend the day, the hostess will give you so many suggestions that you will definitely stay her guest longer than you planned. You can explore Ptuj and its surroundings on foot - alone or accompanied by an experienced guide, in the city, in the hills, along the Drava and Lake Ptuj, you can ride a bike or in the sailing season with a tourist boat on the Drava, to gather strength among all the experiences, the host will also provide you with tickets for swimming in the thermal park. In the evening, you can choose to socialize with an open barbecue in the yard, a tea party with a herbalist or learn medieval dances, and you can also be accompanied in your sleep by one of the books from the "house book exchange", as the collections say. No, guests in Panorama rooms really are never bored!

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